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Enroll now for 2016/2017 

Academic Year

Enrollment for the Primary School and High School has now begun for all prospective students. The 2016-2017 school year begins on Monday 15th August (with enrollment ending on Wednesday 10th August) so if you wish to enroll your child please contact the office to arrange an appointment:

012 87 87 82 - Primary School
081 87 87 82 - Primary School
098 87 87 82 - High School

Enroll now to ensure your child has a place for the next school year.

Thank You.

Congratulation Star of the Month for February



The 2016-2017 Primary School Calendar has been released (here).

ISSR Primary School:

Moved to a new location on the same road in January 2015. We have built a new facility to accommodate our growing student body. 

ISSR new building opening January 2015

This has doubled the size of our school and includes a new library, 25m swimming pool, IT computer lab and much more. Your children will experience a truly professional and international education experience - second to none in Siem Reap.


The 2016-2017 High School Calendar has been released (here).

ISSR High School 2015-2016:

As you may be aware, the ISSR High School will be expanding in the 2015-2016 academic year. The ISSR High School academic structure will change and improve to an even higher standard in the following ways:

The School Day – From August the school day will be 07:50 to 16:00.

A Level Programme – ISSR will be the only school in Siem Reap offering CIE A Level courses from August 2015.

IGCSE – Additional subjects have been added to the IGCSE programme, as well as an increase in teaching hours within particular subject areas. Therefore, ISSR will be offering the largest IGCSE programme in Siem Reap.

KS3 – Additions have been made to the KS3 programme in terms of subjects and time allocation, again, similar to the IGCSE and A Level programmes, ISSR will have the largest KS3 programme in Siem Reap.

ISSR High School Prospectus – Replacing the ISSR Parent Handbook will be the new ISSR High School Prospectus. It will have information on policies, procedures and subject information. All current and prospective parents will receive this upon enrollment.

Curriculum Rubric – Upon enrollment, all current and prospective parents will receive a curriculum rubric.

Reports – There will be three termly reports which will not only illustrate the progression each student has made (with reference to the rubric of each subject) but also details of what has been studied, assessment targets, assessment scores and comments on progression.

For more information please refer to the information on the attached link here.

To all current and prospective parents and guardians, please refer to the Curriculum Rubrics for all KS3, IGCSE and A Level subjects for the 2015-2016 academic year. This information will be provided with the new ISSR High School prospectus to all new and current students when enrolling for the next academic year from June onward. Download the information here.

High School Newsletters
The newsletters for May are available to download here.


The Real ISSR:

ISSR Cambridge Accreditation
ISSR is accredited by the University of Cambridge International Examination Education Board to provide the IGCSE curriculum and exams. This ensures that your child will experience an outstanding level of education and will graduate with an international qualification recognised at Universities around the world.   Contact us to enrol...

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